Outdoor candle lights

Outdoor candle lights, aren’t they just fabulous? They can create such a lovely touch to your home’s pathways. Wouldn’t they add just the perfect element in your backyard for evening parties? They add such an elegant feel to the evening and create a lovely atmosphere. Buying a bunch of candle lights at your local store can get costly, so not to worry, these are homemade and so easy to create!

The supplies that are needed are: PVC pipe, a few cleaned, empty, used tuna cans, spray paint, glass vases that are smaller than can size and candles to fit in the vases. Cut the PVC to desired height, plan on a few extra inches in length to make up for being in ground when mounted. Next, glue the end of PVC pipe to the center of the bottom of the tuna can using a strong adhesive, then spray paint. After they have dried, arrange them in your yard as you like, add a vase with candle in each one and you are done. You have just created fabulous pathway lighting and it was so easy!

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