Old world opulence in modern design

Fabulous! I love those high ceilings, thick walls and all of the crown molding. This home reminds me of a Garden District southern home or possibly an old plantation home that has been redesigned for the modern era. Did you notice the crown molding on the ceiling? It has such a beautiful delicate pattern. I love how subtle it is by hiding its beauty with being same color as the white walls but as soon as you notice it you cannot take your eyes off of it. That is until you notice the sparkling crystal and bronze chandelier and of course, that exquisite fireplace! At first glance I thought it was a beautifully decorated armoire, but then I looked lower and realized what it was. I love all of the scroll work with the touches of gold, just breath taking! That fireplace definitely has a touch of 17th century Louis the 14th style of French furniture opulence. I love how they balance and beautifully blended the old world with the new. Who would have thought that a low profile modern couch and a set of leather sling back chairs would look so beautiful together against that fireplace? Yet it does, and it is fabulous.

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