Fridge picture frames- craft project

Doesn’t this look so beautiful and clean with your loved ones pictures in frames on the fridge? We all love the pictures of our loved ones and schedules on our fridge but usually it looks like a hodgepodge of a mess by the time we are done, with pictures turned every which way and picture on top of picture sliding off the fridge! Let’s keep our pictures and forgo the mess! Here we have solved that problem with a very simple craft project. First, go to any dollar discount store and pick up several cheap frames of various sizes to fit your pictures or calendar needs and a few standard flat solid magnets. If the frame color isn’t right, no problem, a little craft paint and you can paint them to the perfect color of your choosing. Then install your pictures, glue the magnets on the back of the frames and arrange them on your fridge. Looks wonderful! I bet the next time you have company over and they see your fridge you’ll get several compliments and questions of where you got them.

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