A crafter’s heaven

If you are a crafter then I know you said the same thing that I did when I saw this room… “OMG, OMG, OMG! I WANT!!” This room is a crafter’s paradise! Did you see all the crafting goodies? I could sit in here and create for hours… no wait, days! I just love how open and spacious this room is. With the white walls and all of that natural light flowing in makes it such a bright and airy space to create in. I do love all of the work benches with the storage shelves underneath. Those benches give you plenty of room to work on several projects at once, no more of having to stop on one project to create room for another when inspiration strikes. They also give you a place to store all of your crafting goodies and make it easy to access items as you need them. How adorable is that flower rug too? Yes, everything in this room is just calling for you to unleash your creative genius, just put a sign on the door saying “Ask daddy, mommy’s working.” Bet you could even make an awesome sign in here for that too!

for Quarry Books: book title, A Daring Adventure in Paint: Inspiring Techniques with Collage and Mixed Media by Mati Rose McDonough

Fridge picture frames- craft project

Doesn’t this look so beautiful and clean with your loved ones pictures in frames on the fridge? We all love the pictures of our loved ones and schedules on our fridge but usually it looks like a hodgepodge of a mess by the time we are done, with pictures turned every which way and picture on top of picture sliding off the fridge! Let’s keep our pictures and forgo the mess! Here we have solved that problem with a very simple craft project. First, go to any dollar discount store and pick up several cheap frames of various sizes to fit your pictures or calendar needs and a few standard flat solid magnets. If the frame color isn’t right, no problem, a little craft paint and you can paint them to the perfect color of your choosing. Then install your pictures, glue the magnets on the back of the frames and arrange them on your fridge. Looks wonderful! I bet the next time you have company over and they see your fridge you’ll get several compliments and questions of where you got them.

Shoe drawer!

Just had to share this! Picked up one of these at IKEA a couple of months ago and finally got around to putting it together! WOW! Why did I wait so long? This thing is fantastic! It holds 27 pairs of shoes in a nice small form factor! 27 pairs! It’s a wonderful way to stay organized and make all of your shoes easily accessible, especially if you have problems bending down to the floor to retrieve shoes!

Old world opulence in modern design

Fabulous! I love those high ceilings, thick walls and all of the crown molding. This home reminds me of a Garden District southern home or possibly an old plantation home that has been redesigned for the modern era. Did you notice the crown molding on the ceiling? It has such a beautiful delicate pattern. I love how subtle it is by hiding its beauty with being same color as the white walls but as soon as you notice it you cannot take your eyes off of it. That is until you notice the sparkling crystal and bronze chandelier and of course, that exquisite fireplace! At first glance I thought it was a beautifully decorated armoire, but then I looked lower and realized what it was. I love all of the scroll work with the touches of gold, just breath taking! That fireplace definitely has a touch of 17th century Louis the 14th style of French furniture opulence. I love how they balance and beautifully blended the old world with the new. Who would have thought that a low profile modern couch and a set of leather sling back chairs would look so beautiful together against that fireplace? Yet it does, and it is fabulous.

Outdoor candle lights

Outdoor candle lights, aren’t they just fabulous? They can create such a lovely touch to your home’s pathways. Wouldn’t they add just the perfect element in your backyard for evening parties? They add such an elegant feel to the evening and create a lovely atmosphere. Buying a bunch of candle lights at your local store can get costly, so not to worry, these are homemade and so easy to create!

The supplies that are needed are: PVC pipe, a few cleaned, empty, used tuna cans, spray paint, glass vases that are smaller than can size and candles to fit in the vases. Cut the PVC to desired height, plan on a few extra inches in length to make up for being in ground when mounted. Next, glue the end of PVC pipe to the center of the bottom of the tuna can using a strong adhesive, then spray paint. After they have dried, arrange them in your yard as you like, add a vase with candle in each one and you are done. You have just created fabulous pathway lighting and it was so easy!

Memory Boxes

Aren’t these a great idea to organize kids paperwork, schoolwork, pictures, and other important documents? So easy to setup too! Purchase the plastic bins that are setup to accommodate hanging file folders from your local office supply store. Pick up a box of hanging file folders and VIOLA! Setup your labels for each folder and you’re ready to be organized! I’m going to set these up for my kids this weekend!!

Ultimate craft room!

This is craft room heaven! This has to be the most fabulous and organized art room I have ever seen. Looks like everything you’ll ever need to create something wonderful is available in this room. There is plenty of counter space and storage room available with these built-in cabinets, plenty of space for all of a crafters needs. I loved how they used the pegboard on the walls, such a clever idea! By using the pegboard you are able to rearrange peg hooks and shelves as needed to create more room. Love the racking for the ribbons on the left side of and the dividers for storing the paper. With the clear dividers, it still allows you to see and locate what you need quickly. Love the large work bench in the center of this room, giving you plenty of working space. I bet you could spend endless hours creating fabulous items in this room! Yes, this room is absolutely amazing and definitely the ultimate craft room.

Indoor tulips!

Tulips… aren’t they such beautiful flowers? I must admit, they are one of my favorites. And who wouldn’t love to have some gorgeous tulips beautifying their home? Why have a vase of cut tulips that will die in a few days when you can get to watch these amazing blubs grow into gorgeous flowers over a few months’ time? I find it so fascinating to watch them grow in glass. You get to see all of the action of nature at work. I just love how all of sudden that plain bulb just starts to spring to life! The roots start to grow and out of the bulb, a stem starts to grow, then watching that stem stretch upward as leaves and a flower start to take form. The final prize is a gorgeous tulip! Actually, growing tulips indoors is extremely easy. The bulb has all the food built in, all you need is some water and sunlight. Here are a few easy steps to get you started to having tulips grow in your home.

Step 1 – Fill a glass container about 1/3 of the way with glass marbles or decorative rocks of your choice leaving plenty of room for the roots to grow.

Step 2 – Set the tulip bulb on top of the marbles or stones with the pointed tips of the bulb facing upward. Carefully surround the bulb with a few more marbles or stones so the tulip bulb is supported in its position but do not fully cover it.

Step 3 – Pour fresh water into the container. The water shouldn’t touch the bulb, but it should be very close, so that the roots will grow.

Step 4 – Place your vase in an area with indirect sunlight and watch it grow.

Step 5 – Enjoy!